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Born in Van the east of Turkey let me having deep understanding the cultures l encountered within the country. Politics in and outside of the country, especially in middle east got my attention so l studied hard and earned a scholarship at Bilkent University in 2010 in the area of Political Science. In my earlier ages , my dad taught me how to be disciple and responsible for my own expenses so during my childhood until entering college, l worked at hotels to meet my needs. Having bunch of friends coming from different countries all around the world from different cultures at Bilkent University gave me a different perspective regarding the world. During my educational life, l worked in a couple of selling jobs that taught me how to interact with people. Establishing a construction company ,in 2014, in my hometown helped me gradually getting better financially since l interested infrastructure such as sewage, bridge, intersection and road.
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After getting 45 times the exams, finally l have earned another scholarship at Suffolk University in politics a concentration in international relations and some half international economy. During my master in United States caused me having financial difficulties so l had to work hard. l worked a couple of places that including finance too in a company called datadog that gave different experiences to understand people, cultures and what is going on around the world. Being an assistance of a professor at Suffolk in compare politics made me deep understanding of intersystems in world politics. The intership in Washington DC providing knowledge in global issues by experts and the structural of Senate and house of representatives gained me critical thinking skills. During my years in United States, l also managed my company at Turkey and recently doing my best to give best services on the road and tunnel constructions. At the same time, l am doing consulting helping people all around the world in terms of politics, personal life, economic consultancy for companies, the service of thought and relationship.

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